Letter: The buses are safe, period.

Ignorance: noun; the lack of knowledge, education or information

I have been the Rappahannock County Public Schools Transportation Supervisor for the past five years and the technician for the previous two years. I am replying to Ron Frazier’s letter last week with regard to the transportation department just in case there are any readers who put any credence in what he says. Mr. Frazier and I have never spoken and I would not know who he was should I pass him on the street. His statements reflect an ignorance of the department and who I am and what I do. I have been commended by the past two superintendents for my commitment to customer service and the safe transportation of our children. One superintendent said that I was the best supervisor that he ever worked with.

My department is well run and transparent. I invite anyone, including Mr. Frazier, with concerns about buses or the transportation department, to call or visit at the bus shop. You will receive honest and accurate information.

My hope is that when reading letters by Mr. Frazier you will not acknowledge his words as fact but will “consider the source.”

Warren Collins
RCPS Transportation Supervisor

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