RCHS scholarship award winners

At the annual scholarship awards assembly held May 2 at the Rappahannock County High School, 32 RCHS seniors received scholarships worth more than $70,000. College guidance director Jason Gochenour and Paula Howland, director of the Headwaters Foundation’s Next Step program, organized and officiated at the ceremony that recognized students for their hard work and academic success, their leadership within the school, determination on the playing fields and exceptional service to their community.

“It was a very competitive year for awarding scholarships,” said Howland. “Many deserving students applied and many recipients will be the first in their family to attend college. We are pleased that the community steps up to support our children who are pursuing their goals, taking risks to improve their lives and better themselves.”

Since 2008, businesses and individuals have donated to the Headwaters Foundation to fund scholarships for Rappahannock students, and more has been given individually to further support the college-bound. Headwaters is interested in working with donors to establish future scholarships and enhance existing ones. This year’s senior class received $26,500 in scholarships administered through Headwaters Next Step.

This year’s students are heading to college and trade schools across the country, including UVa., Penn State, University of North Carolina, VCU, LFCC, Longwood University, Bard College, College of William and Mary, George Mason University, JMU, Georgia Tech, Bridgewater, Radford University, Roanoke College, Virginia Wesleyan College, ODU, Smith College and Virginia Tech.

Award Recipients:

Joseph Horning Scholarship: Esete Yonas Yirgu

Rappahannock County Garden Club: Matthew Beck

Elizabeth Biggs Memorial Scholarship: Kyndle Turley

Jeff MacNelly Scholarship: Savannah Grammo

E. Franklin Warner Memorial Scholarship: Jesus Lucas

Robert P. Manly (RPM) Scholarship: Ashley Allen, Danielle Boutte, Jennifer Buono, Lauren Eline, Patrick Foley, Samantha Landrum, Lyndie Paul, Allison Stuart, Alexandra Williams and Robert Yowell

Lykes-Darden Scholarship: Jennifer Dellinger, Brittany Dwyer and Brianna Winkworth

Graham Hackley Scholarship: Lauren Eline

James J. Kilpatrick Award: Cory Massey

Emily Jane Hilscher Passion Award: Matt Beck and Kate Moreno

Emily Jane Hilscher Scholarship: Jesus Lucas

Michael Tupper Principal Scholarship: Lyndie Paul

RCHS Scholarship: Kyndle Turley

Rappahannock County Education Association: Emma Fisher

Amissville Ruritan Scholarship: Britton Hipple

Forest Grove Baptist Church/Elizabeth Grigsby Scholarship: Lauren Light.

Forest Grove Baptist Church/Alvin Paul Grigsby Scholarship: Britton Hipple

Julie Boddie Educational Scholarship: Kyndle Turley and Naomi Weingarten

Rapp County Math, Science and Engineering Scholarship: Case Kramer

Rapp County Nursing Scholarship: Lauren Eline

Paul Andrew Nichols Jr and H.B.Winfrey Scholarship: Grayson Love

Rapp County Lions Club Scholarship: Lyndie Paul and Case Kramer

Rapp County Garden Club: Francis J. Leonard Memorial Fund: Kyndle Turner

Rapp County Retired Teachers Assn: Emma Fisher and Savannah Grammo

REC LEARN Scholarship: Britton Hipple

Greater Piedmont Assn of Realtors Scholarship: Esete Yonas Yirgu and Robert Yowell

Donehey Culinary Hospitality Scholarship: Matt Beck

Johnny Jenkins Memorial Scholarship: Lauren Light and Kyndle Turner

Salem Ruritan Scholarship: Brittany Dwyer

Salem Education Foundation: Esete Yonas Yirgu

Northern Piedmont Community Foundation, Pauline Bruce Memorial Scholarship: Patrick Foley

NPCF, Mary Beth Williams Memorial Scholarship: Trey Swindler, Britton Hipple, Case Kramer, Peyton Bailey and Grayson Love

Mary Quaintance Memorial Scholarship: Emma Fisher, Zachary Huff, Savannah Grammo, Kelsa Settle and Esete Yonas Yirgu

Alpha Kappa Delta: Kelsa Settle

Lois Snead Arts and Crafts Scholarship: Brianna Winkworth

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