Letter: Help us reach our goal post

This is D’Angelo Robinson, although many of you know me as D. I have been in the Rappahannock County area all my life. If you really know me then you know my passion for football. I now have the opportunity to play football in Greenville, S.C. at Greenville Tech. This will be the fourth year for their football program. They are also there to offer the love of Jesus Christ, so that the student athletes may experience a vital relationship with Him throughout our lives.

D’Angelo Robinson, right, and family on the football field.
D’Angelo Robinson, right, and family on the football field.

Their goal as a football program, and as a school, is to get young student athletes to achieve good grades and perform well on the field. This program really works; 12 players were offered a football scholarship in the 2012 season. I have to pay $3,000 before the first practice to be eligible to play; if I collect $2,500 by May 31, I get a $500 discount.

The football program is independent so we have pay for all of our equipment, coaching fees, away transportation, etc. My mother and I are doing everything in our power to raise the money. Her being a single mother can only get us so far. If anyone would like to help in any way or donate money, I would be very grateful. Donations can be sent to 6 Bailey Lane, Amissville, VA 20106.

My family and I think this is the best opportunity to pursue my dream. Hope you all have a blessed day and thanks for the support.

If you have any questions you can contact me (540-423-7672 or dangelo.robinson@gmail.com) or my mother, Chandra Graves (540-295-1069 or chandralinette@gmail.com).

D’Angelo A. Robinson

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