A Tale of Two Mills: Trading and burial grounds

Rappahannock’s Civil War Trails

Location: Mill Road, Washington, about 400 yards east of the Visitors Center

Photo by John R. Tole
Photo by John R. Tole

During the Civil War, two mills stood on the Rush River in this vicinity on the property of John Jett, who resided at Ellerslie half a mile south of here. They included the Avon Mill before you and the Jett Mill (no longer standing), located half a mile downstream. According to local tradition, the Avon mill became a neutral trading site for Union and Confederate soldiers.

In July-August 1862, when the Union Army of Virginia occupied Rappahannock County, hundreds of soldiers in the camps around Little Washington suffered from typhoid fever, many of whom died. A number of them were buried in a brigade cemetery near the Jett Mill. They were reburied in national cemeteries after the war.

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