Letter: Signs are littering

I write in reference to last week’s letter from Ben Jones regarding sheriff’s office signs that currently pervade Little Washington reminding us to buckle up or be fined [“Big Belter is watching,” May 30].

Apart from being a total eyesore, this well-intentioned effort is meaningless, counter-productive and gives one the impression that the rest of the county is not a seatbelt enforcement area.

Roadside signs in any event are a blight on the landscape, and whether it’s a sign announcing another sale at Ballard’s, a sign for junk car removal or one promising $1,000 a week working from home, it is by any other name littering, and as far as the public is concerned is illegal and should be discouraged.

Placing signs also encourages other people to do the same. Massies Corner and the intersection at Sperryville are two examples; both are constantly being blighted by out-of-town advertising. Take a good look around you next time you visit Warrenton or Manassas and you will get some idea of how this can get out of hand!

The police’s time might be better spent tracking down offenders whose names and phone numbers are clearly displayed on these illegal signs and who usually do not even reside in the county.

Robert Alcott

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