Letter: A defense of littering? Anyone?

One day when my friend Ellie and I were collecting trash on Richmond Road (Route 729), I asked her, “What do you suppose litterbugs think when they drive by and see us picking up their trash?”

Ellie’s response: “I’ll bet it will make them think twice before littering in the future, and maybe they’ll decide not to do it.”

My reply: “I’ll bet they figure they might as well litter because someone is picking up after them. But actually, they probably don’t even notice.”

Today I was out there again, gathering the rich harvest of discarded rubbish. With nothing else on my mind, my thoughts turned to the following: I would love to ask the people who litter just why they think it’s okay. Why are they willing to gratuitously tarnish the beauty of Rappahannock County? Why are they just fine with having someone else pick up their trash?

Because I don’t personally know anyone who litters, I am posing these questions to the readers of this newspaper. I really do want to know how our local litterbugs justify their actions, when the rest of us simply save our trash until we can dispose of it properly, at no cost to ourselves or the environment.

Memo to you smokers: Cigarette butts are litter.

Let’s hear it, litterbugs – a defense of littering.

Annie Kirchner

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