Letter: Misplaced priorities

In “Bad news from Big Washington” [June 6], you take after Congressman Robert Hurt. You say you had hope for him because he seemed “more approachable, friendlier and more inclined to listen than his predecessor,” Eric Cantor.

But given how you have railed against Cantor in the past, you condemn Hurt with faint praise. Moreover, you take issue with Hurt’s statement that he is “committed to do what [he] can to . . . defend the Constitution and our liberties.” Imagine that! How outrageous!

As for your call for Mr. Hurt and his colleagues to stop “acting like petulant kindergartners,” and instead “focus on what the American people overwhelmingly say they want Congress to do – namely, responsible governance,” consider that few acts of Congress have the American people opposed more, longer and more consistently than Obamacare. Have you read the polls? The only (domestic) rivals that come to mind are prohibition (actually, before my time) and the imposition of “catastrophic insurance” to Medicare – both of which eventually were revoked.

Could it be the House Republicans are the ones engaging in responsible governance? Most of our neighbors would appear to think so, as both Cantor and Hurt reliably carried Rappahannock County. Or, do you still maintain that resistance to Obamacare is simply “Cantor-led intransigence?”

In a week where we’ve seen details of truly outrageous behavior on the part of the IRS, persecution of reporters by the nation’s chief law-enforcement office and now wholesale invasion of the privacy of hundreds of millions of U.S. citizens, your priority is Robert Hurt’s opposition to Obamacare?

James C. Miller III

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