Letter: Up with buckling up!

With apologies to Ben Jones and others, I’d like to offer some other viewpoints on the “buckle up” signs that have been posted by our sheriff’s department lately.

As a parent of two children who were both involved in major accidents and who both saved their lives, literally, by wearing seatbelts, I applaud the reminder to buckle up that these signs give all our kids, especially my own.

As an educator and athletic director whose life is touched by hundreds of this county’s young people each year, I welcome the visible reminder that these signs give to all our county’s young drivers, knowing full well that auto accidents are one of the leading — if not the leading — cause of teen death.

As an older driver (well, not that old) who started driving in the era when seatbelts were NOT required, I appreciate the reminder that the signs give me because it is not yet a reflex action for me to put on my seatbelt.

I applaud the sheriff’s office for this valuable public service and hope that a few negative comments do not cause the cessation the program. I do not think the signs are pointless reminders or eyesores and in fact would ask the sheriff’s office, if they have any extras, to please place one at the intersection of Laurel Mills and Richmond Roads, so that I can be reminded to buckle up every time I pull out of my driveway. To paraphrase the public service saying, “the life the signs save may well be my own.”

Jimmy Swindler
Laurel Mills

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