Down Memory Lane for June 20

Oct. 5, 1972

Charlie Compton, who served patrons of Rural Route 1 for 31 years, has retired. Seldom did the rain, snow or sleet ever deter the dedicated mailman from his journey. He has covered the most extensive route in the state, 85 miles serving almost 400 households, for this length of time. When Mr. Compton first became associated with the U.S. Post Office Department, the office was housed in the small building beside Hackley’s Store. At that time, the late Irwin Hackley was postmaster. The office was next moved to the former Latham store building in 1933 and Mrs. Ethel Cooksey became postmaster.

Under gray skies and cool temperatures, an auction of the estate of the late Helen M. Fuller was held at her residence on Long Mountain near Washington, Saturday, Sept. 30, following a gathering in the Rappahannock Library in the county seat “to celebrate the living spirit of Helen Fuller,” as George H. Davis Jr., one of the executors of Miss Fuller’s will, described it. All of the net proceeds of the $28,000 sale will go to the Rappahannock Library, in accordance with the wishes of Ms. Fuller, to establish a trust fund in her name, the income of which is to be used particularly for the benefit of young users of the library – their “mental and spiritual growth being an abiding concern of Ms. Fuller.”

The Rappahannock Woman’s Club made a substantial contribution to Rappahannock County Elementary School Tuesday when a check for $610 was received by principal Mrs. Mary Quaintance. Mrs. Louise Ellis presented the check on behalf of the club. The money will be used for playground equipment.

Sept. 10, 1981

Paula Parlagreco and Peter Exton took home the trophies Monday in the Rappahannock County 25th Annual Invitational Labor Day Mixed Doubles Handicap Whistle Cup Tennis Tournament. The Parlagreco-Exton team defeated Diane Bruce and Tom Palmer in a playoff after tying at 11 games all in the round-robin tournament. A team composed of Teresa McLawhorn and Louis Moore finished in third place. Carolyn T. Ward and Dennis Fairbrother wound up fourth, while Lois Manookian and John Lee finished last.

Attorneys for the state comptroller and the board of trustees of the Virginia Supplemental Retirement System have filed motions to dismiss against the suit brought in federal district court by Rappahannock Sheriff W. A. Buntin. Buntin is seeking a total of $250,000, plus attorney’s fees, in a suit lodged last June 30 against the retirement system’s board of trustees. He alleges that the trustees discriminated against him by refusing to allow his participation in the retirement system which they administer. He also is seeking reinstatement of his retirement benefits from the State Police Officer’s Retirement System administered by the same trustees.

Sperryville merchants recently met to form a Sperryville Business Council. The meeting was held Friday, Sept. 4 for the purpose of organizing the council and discussing future plans. The president of the council is Howard Maree, of the recently opened Chipmunk Hollow shop. The vice-president is Wilson Burke of Burke’s Antiques; secretary-treasurer is Josephine Borkowski of Cardinal Antiques. The merchants also elected Martha O’Bannon and Martin Woodward to the board of directors.