Letter: Obstructionism is a two-way street

Walter Nicklin’s editorial [“Bad news from Big Washington,” June 6] reverberated his own critique: “same old, same old.” Is it possible for Mr. Nicklin to inform readers in a way that does not excoriate and condemn Republicans?

Our community, as well as our nation, is increasingly divided and bitter, ostensibly due to the rhetoric emanating from an administration that uses “divide and conquer” as a tool to win votes. Those engaged in newsgathering and publishing are obliged to report with objectivity, not impunity.

When Mr. Nicklin assails Republicans as being “legislative obstructionists” he must equally assail Democrats because efficient representative government includes obstructionism on both sides. If you give to one and deny the other “it’s not fair” – and we know how the Obama administration feels about fairness!

As a rule, it is common to know one’s audience when speaking or writing. In this regard, Rappahannock County stood stubbornly Republican last November, not only in the presidential race (Mitt Romney beat Barack Obama 53.04 percent to 45.44 percent), but also in the 5th District congressional race, where Robert Hurt handily beat John Douglass, 55.44 percent to 42.86 percent. Please take note, Mr. Nicklin.

In truth, Rep. Hurt was marginalized for being part of the solution, not the problem. Obamacare has already had a devastating impact, even in its earliest stages of implementation. Americans will suffer the intrusion of the federal government in most every area of their health care, and will watch their freedoms carelessly discarded by power-hungry bureaucracies.

A recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll indicates that 49 percent of the public opposes the law, and only 37 percent support it. These numbers mark an increase in unpopularity since July 2012, when 44 percent of NBC/WSJ poll respondents called it a bad idea, vs. 40 percent who called it a good one (see it online at firstread.nbcnews.com).

While support for Obamacare continues to wane, Americans see their premiums soar, their hours reduced and their businesses unable to grow due to the uncertainty Obamacare has created. The Obama Administration continues to go forward with its implementation, despite some top Democrats calling it a train wreck.

This law is bad for business, bad for jobs, bad for our families and bad for our economy. Obamacare is the problem, and Rep. Hurt is part of the solution. I applaud him every time he votes to repeal a law that the American people did not want in 2010, and still do not want today.

Evelyn M. Kerr
Chair, Rappahannock County Republican Committee

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