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‘Peaceful Parenting’ starts in Rappahannock

Marianne Clyde lives in Rappahannock County, near Five Forks, with her husband of 25 years, Bob, and two boisterous labs, Mojo and Pepper, who are known to share gifts, like box turtles brought home to wander about the house. She’s a mom and stepmom to eight grown children, and a grandma — so far — to 10.

Rappahannock author Marianne Clyde.
Rappahannock author Marianne Clyde.

A remarkably well-traveled woman (40 countries and counting), she has climbed Mount Fuji, run a marathon and somehow found the time to be a licensed marriage and family therapist, author, coach and speaker. She practices in Warrenton.

Her new book, “Peaceful Parenting,” was released last week on Amazon. It made the bestseller list on Amazon for Parenting and Relationship books and earned the number eight spot in “Hot New Releases.” Media coverage was aplenty, including the Washington Times, as well as John McCaslin’s nationally syndicated radio talk show, America’s Morning News. (McCaslin is also a Rappahannock resident.)

Marianne’s myriad life experiences have given her a special take on the human condition we call parenting. She wishes to evoke change, as she has witnessed much sadness and suffering in the years she’s spent working with families, especially with children.

Rappahannock author Marianne Clyde’s newest book, “Peaceful Parenting,” debuted recently on Amazon.
Rappahannock author Marianne Clyde’s newest book, “Peaceful Parenting,” debuted recently on Amazon.

Her book distills 10 principles of being, that, when internalized and practiced simply and effectively, she hopes will transform relationships by allowing parents to be parents. She wants to help you be the person your kids need you to be.

She is all about empowerment, helping people break through the barriers we artificially create, which she maintains “prevent us from living life in abundance.” Her principles range from the concept of breathing, to practicing gratitude, forgiving quickly and more. They are pearls of wisdom.

Her next venture — “From Chaos to Calm in 30 Days” — involves putting technology to the test, allowing parents and families to enjoy help online through the use of 13 videos and workbooks, all of which is intended to help families cope in our complex, busy lives.

For more information on her book, or her “Mommy Zen” podcast, visit her website. The very best to you, Marianne, and thanks for sharing your wisdom.

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