Down Memory Lane for Aug. 1

Nov. 16, 1972

The home of Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Priest at Amissville was gutted by a fire Sunday evening. The Priests left home about 5:30 p.m. to spend a week with their daughter and family in Woodbridge and at 7 p.m. neighbors, the Carl Weaver family, discovered the blaze. The Amissville Fire Company responded to the fire which was brought under control, but only a charred shell remained. The disaster left the Priests devoid of possessions and their life’s work had gone up in smoke.

Mrs. Annie Cooke is serving as Christmas Seal Chairman for the Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease Association of Northern Virginia in Rappahannock County. Mrs. Cooke is retired after 41 years of working with the public schools as teacher and administrator.

Rappahannock’s super cross country team took the Virginia State Championships by storm Saturday, winning an unprecedented second state title in their second year of competition. Their winning score was an amazingly low 17. The perfect score is 15. In state championships, this is unheard of. The finishers were, in order, Charles Thomas, senior; Bill Taylor, sophomore; Tom Taylor, junior; John Summers, junior; Ronnie Nicholson, freshman; Bob Titchenell, junior; and Morris Donaldson, junior.

Oct. 22, 1981

It was a misplaced for-sale sign that first drew Jimmy and Myrtle Falls into the business of running a country store. A quarter century has passed since and they’re still at the job, dispensing gas, groceries and a whole catalog of household items from Burke’s Store in Woodville. He stopped to make inquiries, but before he’d gotten very far, he learned that the sign applied to the house next door — not to the general store. His interest in buying the store was just the impetus that the owners needed, however. “They contacted us a few days later and said they were interested in selling after all,” Jimmy recalled.

The Skyline Trout Farm in Old Hollow recently enlarged one part of the pond to accommodate fishermen interested in the larger golden trout and rainbow trout. A 22-inch trout was caught there last week by Lynwood Blankenbaker. The trout farm is open through December and will open on request throughout the winter months.

In a last minute reversal between his arraignment last Wednesday at 9 a.m. and the scheduled start of trial at 10, Albert Wayne Gatewood changed his plea from not guilty to guilty on charges of grand larceny and breaking and entering. Gatewood, 24, of Washington, was charged in connection with the theft of two guns from the Washington Cash Store on May 26.

Aug. 27, 1992

Mike Massie, of Massies Corner, will sponsor a Virginia Cattlemen’s Association region IV meeting at his home, Hampton Stock Farm, on September. This marks the first time that an association workshop has been held in Rappahannock County. Mr. Massie, who is a member of the Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors, agreed to have the meeting at his home after he was contacted by the local Feeder Cattle Association and asked to host it.

Years of hard work will culminate in the next several weeks as the town of Washington prepares to put its water and distribution system project out for bid. The project has been in the planning process for decades, but only became an active and viable plan in the last four years. In 1935, the town of Washington developed its first official water system, which consisted of approximately 200 feet of galvanized pipe buried under the streets to distribute the water. These pipes were fed from a healthy spring on Jenkins Mountain. A reservoir was built at the same time and the old well in front of the courthouse that had supplied the town for many years was put into retirement.

Staff members from the State Water Control Board recommended that the county Water and Sewer Authority pay an $8,000 fine for violations at the Sperryville sewer plant at a meeting in attorney Douglas Baumgardner’s office last Wednesday. The SWCB representatives also recommended to County Administrator John McCarthy, County Attorney Peter Luke and Mike Kenna from Environmental System Services of Culpeper that the authority agree to a list of other requirements, chiefly for more detailed record keeping.