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Fire levy: allocated, debated

After voting unanimously to distribute $156,000 among the county’s seven fire and rescue companies at its regular meeting, the supervisors found themseves fielding comments from several of the companies’ volunteers imploring the board to reconsider the way it formulates this twice-annual allocation of fire levy funds.

Competency at issue in Circuit Court cases

Competency was questioned in Rappahannock Circuit Court last Thursday (Aug. 1), where Judge Jeffrey W. Parker denied one motion and approved another in two highly publicized rape cases. The first case concerned a defendant’s competency to stand trial; the second, a victim’s competency to testify in court.

For BizRapp: new name, leaders, focus

The Rappahannock Hospitality and Visitors Association (RHVA) has renamed itself and begun the process of redefining its mission as an organization that represents, and promotes, all the county’s businesses, and is now called Business of Rappahannock, or BizRapp for short.

The Rapp for Aug. 8

The annual Farm Tour is looking for talented artisans, old truck tailgates get a new lease on life, register to vote online and how to receive payment for farm easements in this week’s Rapp column.

The legal legends of Rappahannock County

The Rappahannock County Historical Society last week hosted a presentation at Washington’s town hall by distinguished local attorney Doug Baumgardner. Movers and shakers in the Rappahannock legal world were present, including commonwealth’s attorney Art Goff and the ever-irascible Bill Fletcher.

Editorial: Rappahannock Rude

Rappahannock County is sometimes compared to the Hamptons on eastern Long Island, in that both provide weekend getaways for well-heeled Big Washingtonians and Manhattanites, respectively. If the analogy is correct, this newspaper should soon should add a “Rappahannock Rude” link to its website.

150 Years Ago This Week: Gen. Lee offers to resign

August, 1863 saw the beginning of a relatively quiet month in all theaters of the war. In the east, Federal forces began gathering outside of Charleston Harbor in South Carolina for another assault on Fort Wagner and Fort Sumter.

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