Letter: A piebald deer sighting

Photo courtesy of Dennis and Sonia Gormley
Photo courtesy of Dennis and Sonia Gormley

Last week here at Three Meadows Farm on Grinton Lane, we saw the most unusual sight: a piebald white-tailed deer, its mother doe (with natural brown coloration) and a fellow fawn, also brown. All three were drinking at our pond and took off running across our front meadow, but I managed to capture the white fawn with a 300mm lens through our living room window.

A quick internet search revealed that white deer are either albino or piebald (the latter having some brown spots on the neck and lacking the pink eyes and mouth of the albino). One website indicated that less than 1-percent of the deer population is either albino or piebald white. Thought you might like to know about our discovery, and perhaps others have sighted this unique critter.

Dennis and Sonia Gormley
Flint Hill

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