Letter: Thanks from the Flint Hill Fire Department

It is with grateful appreciation that we write this thank-you letter to the friends and supporters of our fire department for their support of our carnival last week. We made the decision to have the carnival somewhat later in the year than we normally do and had to exert extra effort to recover from that.

Nevertheless, with the help of our fellow volunteers in surrounding communities and counties, we count our parade on Friday night as a success. We had a crowd large enough that it almost made it seem like old times.

Unfortunately, you can’t do much about the weather, and Saturday tortured us with frequent showers. A few intrepid supporters came and listened to the band and played bingo, bought raffle tickets and enjoyed barbecue and hamburgers and fries, and we appreciate every one of them. Congratulations to Anna Pullen of Sperryville, winner of the $1,000 cash prize, and Tymber Lee of Washington, winner of the heifer.

To all our community helpers and volunteers, whether you picked up trash, sold raffle tickets, baked cakes and cookies, cooked and served, mowed the fields, gave us donations or just came and had fellowship with our community, we are grateful for your support. You know who you are, your community knows who you are, and we will not forget your gracious and giving spirit. Thank you, one and all.

Eric Phillips

Richard Brady
Flint Hill Volunteer Fire & Rescue Company

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