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They’re everywhere!

If you think you’re seeing more butterflies this year than last, you’re probably right. In this year’s North American Butterfly Association count, conducted in Rappahannock County by Old Rag Master Naturalists July 27, the total butterflies counted almost doubled last year’s total and quadrupled 2011’s, according to forms the chapter submitted to NABA.

Tourism up 12 percent

Tourism-related tax revenue is rising throughout Rappahannock County, and the mayor of Washington says it’s also rising dramatically in town, which is also undergoing a significant building boom.

The (mostly in shape) bridges of Rappahannock County

There are nearly 100 bridges in Rappahannock County — 98, to be exact, according to Virginia Department of Transportation records. And while the majority of them are in good shape, 16 have received VDOT ratings of a 4 (out of 9) or below, indicating some part of them is in poor condition.

The Rapp for Aug. 22

Fourth Friday activities in Washington and Sperryville, Old Rag Photography debuts some new works, “Love, Loss and What I Wore” premieres at the RAAC Theatre, the Rappahannock Rough Ride returns on Sept 21 and the Democrats’ massive yard sale returns in this week’s Rapp column.

Editorial: Our man in Washington

Next Tuesday, Rappahannock’s congressman, Rep. Robert Hurt, will be visiting our newspaper. He is a brave man, for past words in this editorial space have often been critical of his actions while in Big Washington representing Rappahannock and the rest of the 5th congressional district.

Wild Ideas: The sound of katydids fills the night

If it seems Pam Owen obsessed with bugs, she is, but this is the time of year when bugs are out and about, and this seems to be a buggy summer. Some butterfly species are out in record number and the constant, loud chorusing of the common true katydid seems to come from everywhere.

150 Years Ago This Week: The sacking of Lawrence, Kansas

Federal troops of the Army of the Cumberland under Maj. Gen. William Rosecrans started marching in Tennessee from Tullahoma toward the Tennessee River and Chattanooga on Sunday, Aug. 16.

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