Down Memory Lane for Aug. 29

Dec. 21, 1972

House movers became bogged down in their work two weeks ago when they encountered mechanical difficulties in moving a house for William Magee in Amissville. The house, formerly owned by Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Riley, was being moved to the Magee property when a wheel proved mechanically unsound. Since that time, the ground has been too soft from the frequent rains to transport the building across a field to its new location. The cold snap was the answer and progress was made over the frozen terrain Tuesday.

Groundbreaking ceremonies were held Wednesday for Trinity Manor at Wakefield Country Day School, just north of Flint Hill. William and Pamela Lynn of Boston, Va., are owners of the school. Starting with grades one through four, the initial enrollment of the school will be 50 students, with yearly expansions of one grade each year planned.

C. E. Johnson Jr. of Sperryville has resigned from the Board of Directors of Rappahannock National Bank after serving for 27 years in that capacity. For the past 10 years he has been chairman of the board. Mr. Johnson is a farmer and orchardist.

Nov. 19, 1981

This holiday season, a book on county history by two newcomers to the literary scene is sure to be the gift exchanged by Rappahannockers. Written by Ned and Elisabeth Johnson, “Rappahannock County: Fact, Fiction, Foolishness and the Fairfax Story,” begins with the land grants awarded by Lord Fairfax to early settlers of the Blue Ridge foothills. It includes page after page of historical data unearthed in three years of painstaking research and fact-finding expeditions that took the couple to Richmond, Charlottesville, Spotsylvania, Warren, Page, Rockingham and Madison counties, and down countless back roads winding into Rappahannock’s hollows. But the highlights of the book have to be the tales related by Ned. A native of Rappahannock whose roots go back generations, Ned has gained local fame as a yarn spinner who knows practically everything about the good old days.

Squirming, excited youngsters filled the couch in the health department on Friday as they waited their turn for examinations through the dental care program that was organized almost a quarter of a century ago by Mary Botts Quaintance. According to public health nurse Frances Thornton, 54 boys and girls from the elementary school were seen on Friday.

Sept. 24, 1992

There is no small business that captures the essence of a small town more than its general store. It is the place where neighbors meet and greet one another every day, sharing the latest news of the town, their jobs, their children and their lumbago. In Washington, Paul and Cucie Baldwin, owners of Baldwin’s grocery store, have been running their business in just such a manner.

Although the store has been in the Baldwin family for 34 years, it has a rich and varied history. Before the Baldwin family bought it, it was owned by E. M. Richards and was known as Mac’s Place. A combination grocery store and social center, the establishment was a gathering spot for people who enjoyed a bit of dancing and maybe even a brew or two. “We cater to our customers, he added. “Whatever they need, we will try to get it for them.

The Rappahannock County School Board accepted superintendent David Gangel’s recommendation and voted to hire another teacher and added a fifth section of kindergarten starting next week. At a special meeting called Monday night, Dr. Gangel said with 101 children in four sections of kindergarten, the school was over the state limit of an average of no more than 25 students to a kindergarten class. With 71 students in four sections of first grade, the school system is one under the maximum of an average of 24 per class for three sections.

At their annual Conservation Awards Picnic held Sept. 3, the Culpeper Soil and Water Conservation District awarded Dr. Monira Rifaat, owner of Manor Farm, the Clean Water Farm Award for Rappahannock County. Dr. Rifaat is a part-time pathologist and a full-time farmer. She is a board member of the Rappahannock Farmer’s Association and a member of the Virginia Simmental Association.