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Rep. Hurt: ‘Legislative process is broken’



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On a brief stop this week to the least-populous of the 18 counties that comprise Virginia’s largest congressional district, Rep. Robert Hurt (R-5th) repeatedly expressed a view shared by many — in Virginia and across the country — who worry that an impasse between the Obama administration and the Republican-controlled House of Representatives will lead to a another government shutdown in a month.

Embezzlement leads to six months in jail

Tammy Lynn Atkins, accused of embezzling from the family of the ailing former mayor of Washington in 2011, was sentenced to six months in jail in Rappahannock County Circuit Court Tuesday morning (Aug. 27).

Apartment denied; tourist home approved

A tourist-home permit was approved and an efficiency apartment request was rejected at the Rappahannock County Planning Commission’s monthly meeting last Wednesday night (Aug. 21).

The Rapp for Aug. 29

Our building is for sale but we’re staying put, the RAAC fall film season begins with “Hyde Park on Hudson,” author and historian James Reston proposes a new theory on JFK’s assassination, the Firnew Fine Artists’ Circle come to Virginia and SNP celebrates its 13th annual Wilderness Weekend in this week’s Rapp column.

Editorial: Whiter, older and still sparse

Last week school started for most Rappahannock students, and this week marked the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s March on (Big) Washington and his “I Have a Dream” speech. End-of-summer rituals and half-century marks seem similar in that they are useful and thought-provoking bookends — a time to take stock and put things in context.

150 Years Ago This Week: The rockets’ red glare in Charleston

By its sixth day of sustained Federal bombardment, Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor, S.C., was feeling the impact. When five U.S. Navy monitor ironclad vessels made a night attack that evening, only two of Fort Sumter’s guns returned fire. There was still no indication that the fort would surrender.

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