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Inside this week’s Rapp News (Aug. 29)

This week’s headlines include: Rep. Hurt: ‘Legislative process is broken’ • Embezzlement leads to six months in jail • Apartment denied; tourist home approved • The Rapp for Aug. 29 • Editorial: Whiter, older and still sparse • 150 Years Ago This Week: The rockets’ red glare in Charleston […]

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Tourism up 12 percent

Tourism-related tax revenue is rising throughout Rappahannock County, and the mayor of Washington says it’s also rising dramatically in town, which is also undergoing a significant building boom. […]

Crime & Courts

Firearm charge amended, man given probation

A California man initially charged with assault and brandishing a firearm pleaded guilty to an amended charge of trespassing, over the victim’s objections, and was sentenced Thursday morning (Aug. 15) in Rappahannock County Circuit Court. […]

Two tiger swallowtails, including a dark-form female, feed on a purple coneflower in a Castleton meadow last week. Photo by Gary Anthes.
From the Rappahannock News

They’re everywhere!

If you think you’re seeing more butterflies this year than last, you’re probably right. In this year’s North American Butterfly Association count, conducted in Rappahannock County by Old Rag Master Naturalists July 27, the total butterflies counted almost doubled last year’s total. […]

A perfect 9 rating: the recently rebuilt bridge on Richmond Road over Battle Run. Photo by Dennis Brack.
From the Rappahannock News

The (mostly in shape) bridges of Rappahannock County

There are nearly 100 bridges in Rappahannock County — 98, to be exact, according to Virginia Department of Transportation records. And while the majority of them are in good shape, 16 have received VDOT ratings of a 4 (out of 9) or below, indicating some part of them is in poor condition. […]

Riders return to the town of Washington, starting and ending point of the different loops of the Rappahannock Rough Ride, a benefit for the Free Clinic. Courtesy photo.

The Rapp for Aug. 22

Fourth Friday activities in Washington and Sperryville, Old Rag Photography debuts some new works, “Love, Loss and What I Wore” premieres at the RAAC Theatre, the Rappahannock Rough Ride returns on Sept 21 and the Democrats’ massive yard sale returns in this week’s Rapp column. […]

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Editorial: Our man in Big Washington

Next Tuesday, Aug. 27, Rappahannock’s congressman, Rep. Robert Hurt, will be visiting our newspaper. He is a brave man, for past words in this editorial space have often been critical of his actions while in Big Washington representing Rappahannock and the rest of the 5th congressional district. […]

Photo by Kaye Kohler

Photo: Deck doings

From left, Anne Robertson, Bud Meyer, Aleta Gadino, Bill Gadino and Rick Kohler (and Kaye Kohler, who took the photo) enjoyed a recent music-on-the-deck evening at Thornton River Grille by Beleza. […]

Photo by Molly M. Peterson

Photo: Early adoption

Ben McDonald (left) and his parents traveled from New Jersey to Front Royal earlier this month to visit the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute’s (SCBI) cheetah science facility and to present Dr. Adrienne Crosier (right) with money Ben had raised. […]

Courtesy photo
Out of the Attic

Photo: Out of the attic

At Rappahannock County High School in 1988, senior class officers (from left, Elizabeth Jenkins, Randy Jenkins, Guy “Butch” Foster and Sean Wayland) wore hard hats for their yearbook portrait. […]

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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Thank you, council members

Sitting with you, the Washington Town Council members, August 12Listening and watchingAs you carried the business of the day forwardI was struck By the care and consideration,Humor and humanityeach of you bring to the table. […]

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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Big Boy will be missed

Many thanks to Alex Sharp for his sensitive and entertaining piece on Big Boy’s departure to another realm. Also my thanks to Jenks Hobson (the Blesser), Tom Massie (the Euthanizer) and to Morris Butler and […]

The deer garden at Sperryville’s ever-popular Beech Spring Gift Shop. Photos by Chris Doxzen.

Sperryville column for Aug. 22

Exploring the good new days along U.S. 211, courtesy of the Emporium, Beech Spring Gift Shop, Sonny’s Place, and Eddie and Barbara Gore’s Bushels and Pecks of Bliss in this week’s Sperryville column. […]

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Washington column for Aug. 22

Jay Ward is named the Media Lawyer of the Year over in that other Washington, the WVFR’s latest buffet breakfast is a success, where (and how) to learn more about the Blue Ridge Heritage Project and more in this week’s Washington column. […]

With the sun behind it, this female’s curved ovipositor, used to lay her eggs, can be seen clearly under her wings.

Wild Ideas: The sound of katydids fills the night

If it seems Pam Owen obsessed with bugs, she is, but this is the time of year when bugs are out and about, and this seems to be a buggy summer. Some butterfly species are out in record number and the constant, loud chorusing of the common true katydid seems to come from everywhere in the forest canopy on a warm night. […]