Letter: Domestic violence, trivialized

In February of this year, I wrote a brief statement in this paper regarding women victims of violence on both a national and local level. Two weeks ago, this paper covered a related, brief proceeding in our local court disposing of an appeal of a case in which a handgun was brandished against a local woman in her home [“Firearm charge amended, man given probation,” Aug. 22].

The paper reported that the defendant stated in court that “he never meant to point a gun at her.” In short, the Commonwealth chose to plea bargain the case rather than take the case to trial. Defendant Timothy Overton pleaded guilty to trespassing, paid a minor fine and agreed to keep physical distance from the victim.

This trivializes the gravity of this domestic violence case, and raises the serious question of whether the Commonwealth’s attorneys have such an extraordinary case burden as to be forced into plea bargaining non-trivial matters. We all have an interest in the implications of this for matters arising in this community.

Barbara Kavanagh

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