Letter: If it’s broke, fix it, don’t toss it

Regarding James Miller III’s letter [“It’s called standing on principle,” Aug. 29] — if we are going to stand on principle, let’s not exaggerate. Mr. Miller states “the American people oppose [Obamacare] with ever increasing margins.” However that’s an exaggeration, not the principle.

According to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll, while 42 percent of those polled have an unfavorable opinion of the Affordable Care Act, and 37 percent find it favorable, 57 percent do not approve of defunding the act and only 36 percent feel it should not be funded. Many who don’t like Obamacare also don’t like the Republican plan to repeal it. Most would prefer to “fix” the law rather than repeal it, as many like individual portions rather than liking the law. So let’s fix it so everyone has access to affordable health care.

And if Rep. Robert Hurt says the “Legislative process is broken,” [Rep. Hurt: ‘Legislative process is broken,’ Aug. 29] why does he continue with a broken process? Why keep voting symbolism? Let’s get substantial. Let’s not keep voting to repeal a law the majority of people don’t want repealed.

So let’s stand on principle and quit exaggerating. Let’s compromise and continue what makes this nation the greatest nation in which to live.

Butch Zindel

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