Letter: Harris brings a bipartisan approach

The Nov. 5 general election will determine whether Virginia’s House of Delegates continues to be paralyzed by gridlock churned by partisan extremists like Del. Michael Webert (R-18th).

Webert obediently follows an ultra-conservative agenda that is plainly out of step with the people of the 18th House District. For example, Webert voted for trans-vaginal ultrasound legislation that made Virginia the laughing stock of the nation.

In the wake of the Newtown massacre, Webert cast one of 11 votes opposed to increasing penalties for straw-man gun purchases. He is contemptuous of public education, routinely voting against every proposal advocated by professional educators. Webert even voted to deny CPR training for school bus drivers.

Democrat Colin Harris understands that real progress in Virginia depends on a bipartisan approach. Harris represents new life and new strength for the 18th House District.

Christopher Bonner

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