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Guess who’s permitted at dinner?

After serving as the driving force behind the recent creation of a special-use permit allowing bed and breakfasts to serve meals to non-guests, John and Diane MacPherson, owners of the Foster-Harris House in Washington, became the first successful permit applicants at the Washington town council’s monthly meeting Monday night (Sept. 16).

Schools’ plan addresses test scores

Rappahannock County Public Schools’ principals Michael Tupper and Cathy Jones gave a joint, informative talk at the school board’s meeting last Tuesday night (Sept. 10), outlining the many steps being taken to help improve students’ scores in math, reading and English on this year’s SAT, ACT and Standards of Learning (SOL) tests.

Arts fed, Forrest nourished

Forrest Marquisee, one of the 2013 recipients of the Claudia Mitchell Art Fund, is using the grant money to finance the filming, recording and production of music videos for local musicians — at no cost to them.

Using space artistically at Little Windbury

What comes first for an artist, the studio or the house? That question was never really asked of Ruthie Windsor-Mann, but it’s been answered nonetheless — the artist’s studio is completely built, the house site is empty so far and the studio is doing double duty as both.

The Rapp for Sept. 19

A quick rundown of all the events this very busy weekend has to offer, Jacqueline Neimat performs at the Theatre, Castleton’s fall and winter seasons begin in October and SNP hosts National Public Lands Day in this week’s Rapp column.

Editorial: Apologies are in order

The date was Thursday, Sept. 12. But, more appropriately, it should have been Friday the 13th. I’m talking about the date that last week’s Rappahannock News was published. Or not published!

Wild Ideas: Dances with skunks

A couple months ago a skunk started showing up regularly near Pam Owen’s house — right under her bedroom window, in fact, judging by the smell it generated. It was so strong it woke her up a couple of nights.

150 Years Ago This Week: Showdown in north Georgia

Still another important Confederate center was taken by the Federals when Southerners evacuated Little Rock, Ark. Federal occupation now severely threatened Lt. Gen. Kirby Smith’s entire Trans-Mississippi area, already under attack by Brig. Gen. Frederick Steele’s Union expedition.

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  1. Well deserved feature on Forrest Marquisee. We’ve visited the studio and have worked with Forrest on a video.

  2. Great to see good news about Mike and Molly Peterson on this week’s front page. And I’ve recently worked with Forrest Marquisee and can attest to his excellent video skills.

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