Letter: Which species are we driving off again?

Could not have said it better myself — the “shots heard ’round the world” [of so-called deer cannons] continue to disturb the once-quiet, serene hills of Sperryville and surrounding towns. After speaking to neighbors and fellow members of our community, I’ve come to find a general consensus: The nightly irksome interruptions are excessive and inconsiderate.

If you’re someone who likes to think, read, create art or get into one’s unconscious via some tranquility in the home, as I do, it creates a bit of a problem. The hourly booming begins around dusk, and reminds me every 15 minutes that sleep will yet again be a struggle. I understand the need to protect one’s profits, but why, all of a sudden, is an automatic cannon sound a necessity to protect one’s orchard? For the 20 years I’ve lived in Rappahannock — an area comprised of farms, orchards and vineyards — I’ve never experienced anything close to this kind of disturbance. And for what it’s worth, the deer have become acclimated to the sound. I wish I could say the same.

If more address this issue, we may be able to put an end to this mayhem.

Emma Hathaway

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