Letter: Anti-farming assault hurts my ears  

In her Sept. 19 letter [“Which species are we driving off again?”], Emma Hathaway hit the nail on the head with her concluding sentence suggesting “if more address this issue, we may be able to put an end to this mayhem.” The mayhem I see is the continuing barrage of complaints against our farming community to not take necessary action to protect our livelihood. So yes, let’s address it and stop the uninformed assault on the right to farm.

She complains that the propane cannon’s “hourly booming begins at dusk” and reminds her “every 15 minutes” that her sleep is interrupted. (So which is it? A boom every hour or every 15 minutes?) If she lived here for 20 years, I wonder how she could have been so insulated from all the other agriculture related activities that I experience every day in our peaceful part of the county. Yes, many of them are noisy, even during hours of darkness. I also wonder how she determined that the local deer population has become acclimated to the sound.

I suggest she approach the farmer using the propane cannon and offer her services as night watchman to walk the farm from dusk to dawn and keep any problem wildlife out of the farmer’s crops. I might add that deer are only a part of the problem. The raccoons represent at least as big a problem for many of us.

So, which species are we driving off? Perhaps it could be the misplaced folks living in the middle of a primarily agricultural area.

Bill Freitag
Flint Hill

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