Letter: Forrest coverage and the Mitchell Fund’s trees

Last week’s piece in the Rappahannock News describing Forrest Marquisee and his project to produce a video series featuring local musicians performing in Rappahannock [“Arts fed, Forrest nourished,” Sept. 19] is a fine example of the Mitchell Fund vision to grant awards to individuals and organizations who are working to foster the arts in Rappahannock.

This Rappahannock Association for the Arts and the Community (RAAC) project will not only enhance Forrest’s video and audio engineering experience, but the videos will be used as promotional pieces for the aspiring musicians, as well to provide opportunities for their future success.

RAAC’s first Mitchell Fund grant season brought a wide variety of very worthy applications. The fund’s areas of interest include the visual arts, music, literature, theater, dance, media and film, as well as projects combining more than one type of media. Grants may be awarded to individuals or organizations who demonstrate a need for funds to develop and explore artistic talent.

The fund is managed by a RAAC committee chaired by two individuals, at least one being a RAAC board member. The committee evaluates applications or requests as submitted, reviews proposals and makes recommendations to the RAAC board for approval. Ongoing support is through contributions and fundraising events by the community as well as a portion of the income generated by RAAC programs.

RAAC greatly appreciates the full coverage of the Mitchell Fund provided by the Rappahannock News.

Joanne Hilty
President, RAAC

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