Harmony Manor’s proposed expansion from two rooms to five was approved Oct 23 over the neighbors' objections.

The zoning board vs. the neighbors?

There’s an old saying that the best compromises leave everyone unhappy, and despite (or perhaps because of) the four hours of acrimonious testimony, no one seemed happy at the conclusion of last week’s Rappahannock County Board of Zoning Appeals meeting. […]

Alex Baumgardener, aka Mailman, stands atop Katahdin, in Maine, after completing the 2,180-mile Appalachian Trail. Courtesy photo.

Delivery made

It took six months and nine days for 32-year-old Washington resident Alex Baumgardner, a.k.a. Mailman, to hike 2,180 miles and reach the summit of Katahdin, Maine, and touch the sign marking the northern end of the Appalachian Trail. […]

Photo courtesy of F&E Schmidt Photography

The Rapp for Oct. 31

A busy weekend includes the ninth annual Studio & Gallery tour, the return of the Six Pack Gallery and the official opening of the RappCats shelter; Mikhail Yanovitsky brings his piano talents to the Theatre; get vaccinated against the flu at RCES; and more in this week’s Rapp column. […]

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Editorial: Vote for best costume!

Is it a mere coincidence that Election Day is the first Tuesday after Halloween? For zombies and vampires invoke far less fear than the governmental dysfunction gripping Big Washington nowadays; and last year’s best-selling trick-or-treat masks were Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. […]

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School & sports news for Oct. 31

Regular seasons wrapped up and fall playoffs began for our Rapp Athletic teams who continued their winning ways into the postseason. Meanwhile, two Wakefield teams work toward their own championships in this week’s School & Sports. […]

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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Women: Know your betrayers

It is glaringly apparent that Democratic candidate for governor Terry McAuliffe, for lack of concrete and veritable strategies, is copycatting Obama’s war on women. In 2012, Obama brainwashed women into believing that misogynistic Republicans planned […]

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Letters to the Editor

Letter: The true meaning of pro-life

I was truly surprised by the defensive reaction expressed by Sharon Kilpatrick in response to the simple message, “Vote Pro-Life.” Ms. Kilpatrick’s protestation that the Democratic party represents pro-life ideals brings to mind Shakespeare’s insightful line, […]

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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Second time’s the charm

Many thanks to Rappahannock’s very special community for coming out Friday evening for the second showing of the film “Copperhead” by the Rappahannock Association for the Arts and the Community (RAAC). With projection equipment running […]

Professional photographer Gordon Kreplin presented a program on the practical and philosophical aspects of portrait photography outside Geneva Welch Gallery.

Washington column for Oct. 31

Master photographer Gordon Kreplin conducts a workshop, Toys for Tots makes its (Rappahannock) debut, the Inn is voted best hotel restaurant by Saveur magazine’s readers, a Daylight Savings Time reminder and more in this week’s Washington column. […]