Letter: Harris: ‘The representation we deserve’

On Nov. 5, the voters of Rappahannock County will choose a delegate to represent them in Richmond. This is the person who will enact the laws which determine the amount of money we pay to the state, either through income taxes or sales taxes and fees. Our delegate also votes on what the Commonwealth considers a crime and what the penalty will be for those who break the law; he also has a lot to say about how far a citizen’s rights go and what constitutes privacy and personal freedom.

The best man to make those decisions on behalf of the citizens of Rappahannock is Democrat Colin Harris, a good neighbor from just across the Fauquier line in Orlean. Colin is a young man who will bring energy and enthusiasm to a state capital too often filled with partisanship and bitterness; where too many politicians have sworn loyalty to a radical agenda that places corporations above people, puts roadblocks in the way of the right to vote and wants to use the power of the state to coerce a citizen’s most private behavior. And all the while, the needs of transportation, education and public safety go wanting.

What kind of delegate would Colin Harris be? The kind of delegate who believes the good, law abiding citizens of the 18th district should be allowed to keep their guns and their birth control. The kind of delegate who believes protecting the environment and having a growing economy is not an either/or proposition. The kind of delegate who will sit down with fellow Democrats and Republicans in the opposition and find common ground for the common good, the way democracy is supposed to work; the way the Founders intended it to work.

So on Nov. 5, vote for the representation we deserve — vote to send Colin Harris to Richmond to get the job done on our behalf.

Fred Schaefer

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