Letter: What is going on with our local legal system?

Is there something wrong with the Rappahannock County legal system — or is it us?

Per your “Jury finds Darnell not guilty of 2010 rape” article [Sept. 26], Darnell admitted to a police officer, “maybe I did force myself on her,” after previously denying the assault/rape of a woman, essentially lying to a law officer. He also described his actions “as something like rape,” per one prosecutor.

Another man admitted under oath brandishing a firearm against a woman (me), then plea-bargained his way via our prosecutor down to a non-firearm offense of trespassing, enabling him to one day re-obtain his guns.

Both of these criminals departed our courthouse free men.

Perhaps even more startling was the callousness of how one juror in the rape trial summed up sentiments of the panel: the rape victim “should have known better” in making decisions that night.

Under no circumstances — regardless of race, creed, gender, mental stability, education or wealth status — should a person deserve to be the victim of a crime.

Rappahannock residents should take pause in reviewing the operation of our local penal system — for, God forbid, it could be you or a loved one who gets victimized for a second time in our court.

Megan S. Smith
Flint Hill

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