Letter: Sowing the seeds for more Farm Tour success

A loud shout out of appreciation to Cathie Shiff for leading the organization and management of this year’s Farm Tour and Festival. Thanks also go to her husband Dave for serving as the right hand, and Beth Hall for running the Artisans’ Market at Avon Hall. And a note of thanks to Tim Ayers for working the blogs and other media venues.

Cathie volunteered and dug right in, working wonders with a small budget. She created a new website and Facebook page (with more than 600 likes to date). The website’s layout of venues is so spectacular that I direct visiting friends to use it as a guidebook. Hopefully she can add to it in 2014 with more farms, orchards, restaurants, retailers, adventures and vineyards.  

Speaking of adding venues, in order to increase the number of participating farms and orchards, Cathie drove our beautiful backroads and brought in first timers. She also coordinated with the Civil War crew to incorporate them into the program. And once the big weekend got close, she and Dave printed up 500 color brochures, at home, and put them all together. That is a lot of stapling!

Combine the venues and market with Mother Nature’s gift of good weather and we can call it a success!

Kymber Messersmith

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