Letter: Webert: An honest, ethical person

I am writing to respectfully ask my fellow voters in the 18th District to vote to reelect Michael Webert. First and foremost, Mike is an honest, ethical person. Now more than ever, we need people who run for office because they are motivated by public service, not feathering their own nests or carrying the water for various special interests.

When Mike is down in Richmond, he endeavors to keep in mind the average family who works hard, living paycheck-to-paycheck, oftentimes not having much left over after paying the mortgage, insurance, food, fuel and, of course, taxes. He wants working people to keep as much of their hard-earned paychecks as possible and when he spends public money, he is mindful of who is paying the taxes and wants the funds spent productively and wisely.

He knows that the best social program in the world is a good job. Consequently, he is a leader in promoting a business-friendly environment in Virginia. As a lawyer, I can get away with saying that we have plenty of lawyers down in Richmond and I’m glad Mike is a farmer with that small-business framework. After all, agriculture is still one of Virginia’s top businesses.

Additionally, Mike knows that we live in an area rich in cultural, historic and scenic resources and he wants to protect those important assets. That is why he has supported conservation easements and the protection of our parks, historic battlefields and other natural resources. He opposes uranium mining.

Like me when I served on the Commonwealth Transportation Board, he has stood up to a governor of his own party, an arrogant secretary of transportation and the special interests that are driving them by vigorously opposing the resurrection of the discredited outer beltway. This 20-year-old stale proposal, killed by a prior General Assembly, would waste more than $2 billion, draining funds away from much-needed projects like providing a grade-separated interchange at the U.S. 29 bypass and Lord Fairfax, and fixing I-66. Mike knows what internal VDOT studies show: the outer beltway would have the perverse effect of making commutes worse for east/west traffic by dumping even more traffic on routes 50, 77, 7 and others.

Mike will continue to serve us well if we give him the chance and I hope we will.

James E. Rich
The Plains

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