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County OKs borrowing up to $2 million

At an special public session last Friday (Oct. 18), Rappahannock County’s supervisors voted unanimously to authorize doubling the county’s $1 million line of credit to meet this Friday’s payroll and other obligations.

Planners say no to Clark Lane B&B expansion

After a tense, two-hour public comment section that saw numerous supporters both for and against Harmony Manor Bed and Breakfast’s desire to expand from two bedrooms to five, the Rappahannock County Planning Commission voted to recommend denial of the expansion.

A Rapp teacher runs for 30th District delegate seat

Traci Dippert, Rappahannock County Elementary School’s music teacher, is hoping to make a difference in Virginia’s General Assembly, by challenging Republican incumbent Edward Scott to represent Virginia’s 30th District.

Rappahannock’s the star of his fracturing fairy tale

Larry “Bud” Meyer spent most of his adult life in journalism, and now that he’s retired, and spending most of his time amid the hills, hollows and hay fields of Rappahannock County, he can finally kick back and relax. And make stuff up.

Probation for 20-year-old in heroin case

Two people were sentenced to probation Tuesday morning (Oct. 22) in Rappahannock County Circuit Court.

For the 15th time, it was anything but ‘Ordinary’

For the past 15 years, Joyce Abell has been talent scout, coach, editor, producer and director for the unique Rappahannock show known as “No Ordinary Person.” In addition to directing, Abell has also performed in almost every show herself, and this year was no exception.

Two days, 20 studios, 60 guest artists, 7 galleries: $10

Local artists and gallery owners are gearing up for this year’s spectacular ninth annual “Artists of Rappahannock Open Studio and Gallery Tour,” which runs 10 to 5 both Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 2-3, and costs $10 total for the weekend.

The Rapp for Oct. 24

Details on ours (and others) Fourth Friday offerings, several Halloween and Christmas parties come to the town of Washington, RappCats opens Nov. 3, Ben Jones and friends throw a Rally in the Hollow, Naoko Takao returns to the Theatre and more in this week’s Rapp column.

Editorial: What’s in a word?

“For somebody who calls himself a conservative, he’s awfully eager to impose himself in people’s private lives.” That’s a quote about gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli from Russ Potts — just one of many reasons the Republican candidates are no longer properly “conservative.”

Wild Ideas: Beavers: nature’s engineers

David Morrison, director of archeology and history at the Musee de Civilisation Canadiens in Hull, Quebec, describes the beaver as “an unaggressive, hard-working, waterproof, unassuming, wonderful animal” — and he’s absolutely right.

150 Years Ago This Week: Major changes in Union command

The Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley sank for a second time in Charleston Harbor, S.C. in the middle of October; her inventor and namesake, Horace Lawson Hunley, and seven crew members perished in a practice dive. Hunley would be raised by Confederates yet again to fight another day.

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