Letter: Cuccinelli sticks to principles 

Do you miss President Ronald Reagan? On Nov. 5, Virginians are blessed with the opportunity to elect Ken Cuccinelli as our next governor — a man with the same principled stature of our beloved Gipper.

Folks on both sides of the aisle laud Ken as a man of integrity, a “straight shooter.” Unlike most politicians, he sticks to his principles. “Fundamental principles don’t change and my positions don’t change,” said Cuccinelli in a recent Washington Post interview.

Among those principles most dear to Cuccinelli are “first principles.”

First principles refer to those fundamental constitutional principles upon which our nation was founded. Ken “has always stood for smaller government and limited government,” said Libertarian Ron Paul in his recent endorsement of Cuccinelli.

If you too support a smaller, less intrusive government and lower taxes, Ken’s your man. If you support traditional marriage and protection for the most vulnerable in our society, Ken’s your man. If you support second amendment rights, Ken’s your man.

Let’s bring Reagan values back to Virginia — please vote for Ken Cuccinelli!

Jeffrey E. Knight

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