Letter: ‘Put the Commonwealth in good hands’

If anyone is still having trouble making up their minds on which way to vote Nov. 5, I strongly suggest they place their mark beside the name of Democrat Terry McAuliffe, the only candidate in the race for governor who has his priorities right and possesses the talents needed to take the Commonwealth of Virginia in the right direction over the next four years.

As Governor, Terry McAuliffe’s main concern will be balancing the economic health of Virginia against the ongoing requirements of roads and transportation and the pressing needs of a 21st century public education system — all the while making sure public safety is not compromised.

His past work as National Chairman of the Democratic Party, head of Bill Clinton’s reelection campaign — not to mention a successful career in business that began when he started his own paving company at the age of 14 — has given Terry the skills as a negotiator, hard bargainer and salesman needed to sit down with Democrats and Republicans in Richmond and work together for the good of Virginia. In other words, Terry McAuliffe is the polar opposite of the kamikaze Tea Party Republicans in Congress who very nearly trashed the American economy because they couldn’t get their way.

Also on the Democratic ticket is Ralph Northam for Lt. Governor and Mark Herring for Attorney General. Mr. Northam is a state senator from Norfolk, who is also a practicing physician, while Mr. Herring is a state senator from Leesburg who has worked to enact laws that crack down on despicable criminals who prey on the elderly.

Senator Northam is held in high regard by his colleagues in Richmond, so much so that even the Republicans asked him to switch parties a few years back; Senator Herring has unique experience with the concerns of local government since he began his political career on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors.

And if you still have any doubts as to which ticket to vote for, take a gander at the Republican one made up of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, E.W. Jackson and Mark Obenshain. Together, they represent a radical agenda, one that’s committed to putting roadblocks in the way of citizens who don’t vote “right,” outlawing birth control even for married couples and requiring pregnant women to submit to invasive medical procedures, sincerely believe the state government has no moral obligation to treat all citizens fairly, or in the principle of majority rule for that matter.

At every turn, the Republican ticket wants to limit the choices and freedoms of Virginians; in short, they are the kind of Republicans who would have made Ronald Reagan switch back to the Democratic Party.

So on Nov. 5, go to the polls and cast your ballot for McAuliffe-Northam-Herring; and don’t forget to vote for Colin Harris for Delegate. Put the Commonwealth in good hands.

Fred Schaefer

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