Letter: The true meaning of pro-life

I was truly surprised by the defensive reaction expressed by Sharon Kilpatrick in response to the simple message, “Vote Pro-Life.” Ms. Kilpatrick’s protestation that the Democratic party represents pro-life ideals brings to mind Shakespeare’s insightful line, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” Obfuscation aside, pro-life means one thing — the protection of human life from conception until natural death.

When he was a senator in the Illinois legislature, Barack Obama voted to end the lives of babies who survived botched abortions, by denying them food, water and even the comforting touch of human contact. He was on-board with allowing them to starve to death in lonely agony on closet shelves, behind closed doors. That is not the only example of his wanton disregard for the gift of life.

The ubiquitous abortion mill, euphemistically termed Planned Parenthood, is a multimillion-dollar industry that leads the charge in the barbaric slaughter of more 3,000 babies per day in the United States. The cruel and inhumane procedure which is used dismembers the fragile, innocent pre-born child through the suction and evacuation process. The pain is excruciating in most instances, since abortion is not limited to the early weeks of pregnancy. And abortion yields two victims: a dead child and a mother who is wounded — physically, emotionally and spiritually. No problem for Obama.

In fiscal year 2012, his administration contributed $542 million to Planned Parenthood in taxpayer support, despite Republican-led efforts to cut off the stream of funding. Roughly 45 percent of their budget now comes from taxpayer dollars. The organization is not unappreciative.

Planned Parenthood contributed $1.1 million to Terry McAuliffe’s campaign for governor (according to the Virginia Public Access Project). Would they drop that kind of money on someone whose agenda threatened their bottom line? At George Mason University in early October, Terry McAuliffe said he would support stopping any restriction on the procurement of an abortion at any time, even after 20 weeks of gestation.

The Democratic Party and Planned Parenthood are cozy partners with a deep commitment to each other. They would not countenance the defense of pre-born life coming between them. Calling a Democrat like Terry McAuliffe “pro-life” is like calling Genghis Khan a “great humanitarian.”

There is only one candidate for governor in this race who has consistently fought for and upheld the sanctity of human life, and that’s Ken Cuccinelli.

Regina Knight

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