Letter: Women: Know your betrayers

It is glaringly apparent that Democratic candidate for governor Terry McAuliffe, for lack of concrete and veritable strategies, is copycatting Obama’s war on women. In 2012, Obama brainwashed women into believing that misogynistic Republicans planned to nullify every piece of legislation that promoted women’s rights. McAuliffe, now in his perch as an Obama sycophant, has asserted without citation that his opponent Ken Cuccinelli intends to ban contraception in the future. It is a fact that no legislation ever supported by Mr. Cuccinelli would have (or could have) “outlawed contraception.”

The reason why contraception cannot be outlawed, even if someone wanted to, comes down to decisions in two separate Supreme Court cases: Griswold v. Connecticut (1965) and Eisenstadt v. Baird (1972). These cases are decades old, and are long-settled areas of law: The government cannot ban contraception. Since Terry McAuliffe is a Washington, D.C. lawyer, these facts make him look either very stupid or show he has a distinct proclivity toward lying.

Since birth control is being inappropriately used by McAuliffe to capture women’s votes, a few facts about hormonal contraception may be of interest. According to the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), birth control pills containing drospirenone may increase a woman’s risk of heart attack, stroke and blood clots.

The FDA advises women to consult their healthcare professionals before committing to such personal risk. A recent article by Julie Deardorff of the Chicago Tribune addresses manifold litigation and reports of deaths, strokes and other life-threatening problems as a result of taking specific oral contraceptives. According to the Tribune, Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals has settled claims for 6,760 U.S. plaintiffs for a total of $1.4 billion, with other reports stating the number may be as high as $2.6 billion.

Years ago, women resonated their displeasure about keeping the government out of their bedroom. It appears as if times have changed, with Democrats now making sure they control everything, including what occurs in the sanctity of our bedrooms. When candidates like Terry McAuliffe demean women and their privacy, he does not earn my vote, nor should he earn yours.

Evelyn Kerr
Chair, Rappahannock County Republican Committee

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