Taxpayers concerned, informed

Tom Junk and Roger Cordani, leaders of the ad-hoc Concerned Taxpayers of Rappahannock, convened their own would-be supervisors meeting last Thursday evening at the library, drawing a crowd three times the size of the one at the actual supervisors meeting Monday afternoon.

Only two-fifths of the supervisors were there, however — in accordance with the Virginia law that prohibits a majority of a governing body’s members to discuss official business at any public gathering other than an official meeting.

If this law covered those who have run for supervisor in recent years, and might do so again, Junk and Cordani themselves couldn’t have legally attended, either.

“We were satisfied with what we heard,” said Junk afterwards, referring to the comments, mostly made by County Administrator John McCarthy but also by Stonewall-Hawthorne supervisor Chris Parrish, explaining the county’s recent measures to authorize up to $2 million to get through its annual July-to-November cash-flow crunch. Supervisor chairman Roger Welch, treasurer Frances Foster, revenue commissioner Beverly Atkins and assistant commissioner Sharon Dodson were also at the meeting, which drew about 30 concerned taxpayers.

McCarthy said this week that incoming tax revenues last week were sufficient that the county didn’t have to borrow more than the initial $1 million (though up to $2 million was authorized) to cover last Friday’s $300,000 payroll, and that future borrowing this year probably would not be necessary.

Roger Piantadosi
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