Rachel Summers and her son help out at the Amissville Food Drive.

The Rapp for Nov. 28

Some (other) things to do this Thanksgiving weekend, including how to help with the Amissville food drive; Griffin Tavern’s Lorraine Gilb is named Restaurant Employee of the Year; Leland Faulker’s “World of Wonder” comes to Castleton; and the Angel Tree is up in this week’s Rapp column. […]

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Editorial: Giving thanks . . .

If there is any day of the year that gives credence to the notion of American exceptionalism, it is the last Thursday in November — Thanksgiving. No other country has a national holiday quite like it. And here in Rappahannock, we have an abundance of things to give thanks for. […]

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Turkey talk

The undisputed “best” way to prepare a turkey may never be settled, but there are no shortage of ideas among the kindergarten students at Wakefield Country Day School and preschoolers at the Child Care and Learning Center (CCLC). […]

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Letters to the Editor

Letter: The wireless boon is bogus

Tim Rowland’s recent article, “Rural broadband may be environmental boon” [Nov. 7] seemed to be industry propaganda, portraying government-imposed broadband as the answer to all our needs. (Isn’t 3D printing your dream?) Likewise, it was […]

Both adults and children enjoyed singing at Trinity Church’s singalong last Friday (Nov. 22).
Food and Drink

Washington column for Nov. 28

A gentle reminder to take some time and be truly thankful this holiday season, and, for those who may not feel like cooking, how to get a delicious Thanksgiving meal (or pie) at the Inn in this week’s Washington column. […]

Ants, most likely reddish carpenter ants, check for excretions from their herd of treehopper larvae. The ants eat this byproduct and, in return, protect the “livestock.”

Wild Ideas: Get along, little larvae 

Most of us grow up thinking that animals either eat or ignore each other, but close observation reveals much more complex relationships, such as symbiosis, the long-term relationships of species that have evolved to live together. […]

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Down Memory Lane

Down Memory Lane for Nov. 28

April 19, 1973 Truck loads of trash were picked up along Rappahannock County roadside during Saturday’s concentrated clean up effort. The trash detail in the town of Washington produced youngsters with a sack almost as […]