Sperryville column for Nov. 14

The bear crossed the road

Traffic stopped on U.S. 211 in Sperryville just south of Old Hollow this past Saturday morning — not because of construction work, or Mount Vernon Farm cattle crossings, or any accidents. No, the nine or 10 trucks and cars had pulled over onto the grassy median and gravel shoulder to watch, with heart-stopping angst, as a yearling black bear weaved through a white pasture fence attempting to cross the highway, dodging back and forth from oncoming traffic — until finally making a clean break for it. He crossed over both sides of the highway, his lope elegant, his fur glistening under the stark morning sun, finding safety on the grassy knolls to the east.

I’d stepped out of my pickup, watching this treasure of nature, totally enraptured and holding my breath, hoping the tyke would make it. A young family parked close by, the little girl in the backseat looked up at me, her eyes sparkled with glee, her parents wearing sheer wonder on their faces. “Welcome to Rappahannock,” I said with a grin.

Tie one on . . .

At One Year Only, the Main Street Sperryville shop self-described as a “Last Hurrah for Aging Artists,” the deliberately temporary gallery’s delightful crew of seasoned and talented artists will be showing customers who bring their own ribbon — or purchase ribbon by the yard at cost from the shop’s stock — the art of bow-making. It’s all day this Friday (Nov. 15) from 10 to 6 at 29 Main St. Call 540-987-9400 or just drop in.

Chris Green
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