Editorial: Giving thanks . . .

If there is any day of the year that gives credence to the notion of American exceptionalism, it is the last Thursday in November — Thanksgiving. No other country has a national holiday quite like it.

It is a time to pause and, instead of complaining, give thanks for our blessings. We here in Rappahannock County, especially blessed, can give thanks for, among so many other things too numerous to mention:

That the eponymous river and its tributaries that run through Rappahannock County are alive again with migrating shad and eels, now that the Embrey dam at the fall-line Fredericksburg has been removed.

Local government officials and bureaucrats who are, for the most part, polite, courteous and brave enough to say “I’m sorry,” if warranted.

True nighttime with very little artificial lighting, real darkness and therefore star-filled skies.

Sunsets over the Blue Ridge.

Land-use regulations that keep Rappahannock the beautiful way it is, conserving the county’s open spaces.

Fine food and flavorsome drink, produced and consumed locally.

Artists and artisans inspired by Rappahannock’s special sense of time and place.

All the local retailers, inns and other businesses that help make Rappahannock a popular destination for appreciative travelers in the know.

All the Rappahannock News’ loyal readers and advertisers who value and understand the importance of credible community journalism.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Walter Nicklin