Letter: The wireless boon is bogus

Tim Rowland’s recent article, “Rural broadband may be environmental boon” [Nov. 7] seemed to be industry propaganda, portraying government-imposed broadband as the answer to all our needs. (Isn’t 3D printing your dream?) Likewise, it was portrayed as being “clean,” but any real research shows this is not true.

A) This country is being taken into bankruptcy, and any stimulus money or government grants for rural high tech would add to an unsustainable debt, promoting projects that would poison, pollute and harm rural areas. Tom Wheeler, a lobbyist for the wireless industry and head of the FCC, wants a wireless world with no microwave-free zones, and this unconstitutional plan may be tried on us.

B) Broadband is fast, high-frequency communication. In rural America, this usually refers to wireless broadband, or Broadband Over Power Lines (BPL). Wireless broadband would add another layer of microwave to the cell phone towers, satellite dishes and wifi transmitters already in this county and on properties.

Although microwave (or RF, radio waves or any other names used to disguise this) should never be used because the frequencies are similar to our bodies and interfere with natural electromagnetic functioning, it is now being forced onto people in an alarming way. In the case of BPL, the uninsulated power lines were made to carry traditional 60Hz electric signals, not for two-way transmission of high-frequency signals.

As a result, the lines act as antennas and microwaves bleed out from these and the wiring in our homes, causing very strong exposure to microwave frequencies. (Do you want a cell phone tower in your yard or your walls?) BPL is thus very dangerous for rural communities. If, in addition, PLC transmission is used (Power Line Carrier, introduced here by the Rappahannock Electric Cooperative with the digital smart meters transmitting low-frequency two-way signals over the power lines), this causes dirty electricity from the constant pulsing of the signals, so there is even more overload on the power lines and danger of sickness.

Barrie Trower, a retired British intelligence microwave expert, says the utility and wireless companies are the biggest polluters on the planet. They are more powerful than most governments, and hence all this technology is pushed all over the world. It is profitable to them; they have made themselves immune from any responsibility for harm; they are being supported by a compliant media which portrays their devices as necessary, sexy, fun and fast, and, besides dumbing people down, damaging our health and assaulting our natural world, it makes it very easy to track and monitor everything. We have built-in tracking devices in everything we use.

Microwave frequencies have been shown to cause cancers, reproductive damage and DNA damage, along with many other health concerns. Trower was trained in microwave warfare; he had access to a list of the effects of different frequencies: heart attacks, different cancers, brain damage, sterility, loss of nervous control, depression, anger, stress — the list goes on. Microwave is indeed a weapon, and a national structure enabling this, as cell phone towers and satellites, could be used to transmit any frequencies.

If people must have high-speed communications, fiber optics is an option. The propaganda promoting addictions to gadgets, and the resultant perverted, non-human, isolating lifestyles does not produce happiness, well-being, health or freedom. In fact, Trower was told, when he visited a third-world country seeking his help, that the introduction of cell phones had brought about their decline — the ruination of their health, crops and freedom.

I encourage people to visit mercola.com and do some searches for his articles on high tech. I also recommend magdahavas.com, any of the interviews with Deborah Tavares or Barrie Trower online (stopthecrime.net/trower.html), Dr. Devra Davis, or any of the other independent researchers and studies that have excellent information (including electromagnetichealth.org, cellphonetaskforce.org, eiwellspring.org, stopsmartmeters.org or augustforecast.com).

We need to be free from this radiation and onslaught of often harmful technology that is spying on us, making us sick, artificially speeding up our lives and being promoted with false advertising. At the least, it should be optional. For those who want all the “advantages” of the city, please do not pollute your neighbors.

No one has the right to impose this on others. The wireless companies and government certainly don’t have this right. And it does not belong in our schools or libraries. Dr. Mercola says brain cancer is now the leading cancer killer in children. Barrie Trower says that wifi in schools will permanently damage the ovaries of young girls, transmitting damaged DNA and genetic defects to future generations.

The only way to safely transmit broadband is through fiber optics or insulated lines, not wirelessly, and not through the power lines.

C. Price

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