Turkey talk

The undisputed “best” way to prepare a turkey may never be settled, but there are no shortage of ideas among the kindergarten students at Wakefield Country Day School and preschoolers at the Child Care and Learning Center (CCLC). Their teachers, Jennifer Deal at WCDS and CCLC’s Barbara Coffey and Lisa Pendleton, recently collected the thoughts of their young charges on preparing the perfect Thanksgiving dinner and shared them with the Rappahannock News. For those of you aiming for the perfect Thanksgiving meal, here are some things you might not have considered:

Blake: “Um . . . I think we get our turkey from Wal-Mart . . . First you have to cut the turkey up with a knife. Wouldn’t it be funny if you tried cutting a turkey with scissors? No way would that work! That would be crazy! You have to take the feathers off by pulling them hard. That will make the turkey clean enough. Put it on a big (really big) plate. Don’t do anything else to it.  Put in the oven and cook it for probably about 40-50 minutes. Put it on 50 degrees to make it cook a little faster. When it comes out, you can eat it with a fork. We have vegetables, but I don’t eat those because I hate vegetables!”

Emily: “Put macaroni in the turkey. It goes right down here, and buns too. The turkey goes in the middle.”

Luke: “Papa hunts a turkey for us for Thanksgiving. Usually he sneaks up on them in the woods, or steals them from foxes. He never gets wild turkeys, just regular turkeys . . . Daddy has to scrub the turkey with a special brush and grease. To get it ready to cook, we put it in a plastic pan and put salt on it. He puts in on the grill for like 30 minutes. The grill has to be on ‘hot’ degrees.”

Webber: “They’re bigger than chicken but they cook the same. You put it in a pan and fry it. Chicken is different than turkey because chickens have bones and turkeys don’t.”

Ronin: “Let me think . . . You make a tail first. You make a lot of tail pieces. Then you make a head, then a body and two legs. Turn it into a hand turkey. You slide a head backwards then you eat it.”

Noel: “We get a Thanksgiving turkey from God. We pick ours up at the grocery store. At my house, mom cooks the turkey. Sometimes she cleans the turkeys before she cooks them, but not always. She uses a mop to scrub it with water. To season it she puts blue soap on it. It goes on a big plate to cook on the stove. I don’t know how long she cooks it, but I guess about 60 seconds on 89 degrees. She puts it on plates and then it goes on the table.”

Harrison: “Not every time we cook a turkey for 18 to 16 minutes. We measure how long to cook the turkey with a measuring stick. It is in the garage. It is next to the black car.”

C.J.: “You have to get a turkey from the store before Thanksgiving. My mom will cook the turkey. She has to wash it with water to get it clean enough to eat. She puts a little bit of cinnamon and sugar on it to spice it up. I am not exactly sure what kind of spices, but I think that’s right. I think she cooks it on the stove for maybe 10 minutes on 8,000 degrees. When it’s all done, she washes it again before we eat it.”

Sarah: “You measure how big the bowl is to cook. Use oil, rub the turkey. We fry it in the oven, then put it in the bowl, then we cook it again with the pan inside the turkey to warm the turkey.”

Jacob: “We get our turkey from a store like Wal-Mart. I am going to my cousin’s house, so they will cook the turkey. You probably have to clean the turkey with a towel and water. You put it on a cooking pan and put butter on it. I think you have to cook it about six minutes on ‘hot’ in the oven. Take it out and let it cool because it will be very hot . . . The grown-ups like to talk to each other. That’s a little boring . . . Can I go now, Mrs. Deal?”

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