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Town tourism revenue on the rise

A day after its biggest event of the year was cancelled by Sunday’s snow and freezing rain, the Washington Town Council heard that its meals-and-lodging tax revenues, the town’s most reliable indicator of tourism trade, were heading steadily up.

Drug, theft charges lead to suspended jail terms

Drug-related charges swept through Rappahannock County Circuit Court Thursday morning (Dec. 5), as three of the morning session’s cases dealt directly with them.

May’s movie helps fine tune budding film careers

Despite the fact that her first feature-length film, “Life Fine Tuned,” has already received plenty of accolades from the independent film circuit, it’s still all about the kids for writer-director-producer Nina May.

1833: A helluva year

Part one of Don Audette’s history of 1833 — the year Rappahannock County was founded, and an all-around busy (and politically important) year.

The Rapp for Dec. 12

Ring in the holidays with Ben Jones’ free concert (benefitting the Food Pantry), marvel at the magic of RAAC’s “Alice in Wonderland,” adopt a senior angel and see conservative “founding father” Richard Viguerie speak in this week’s Rapp column.

Editorial: Acorns around the world

Last week the Rappahannock News website got roughly 70,000 readers! How could that be? For that’s 10 times the number of all the county’s residents. The answer is illustrative of the way — for good or ill — that communication works now.

Wild Ideas: The pitter patter of not-so-tiny feet in the attic

Pam Owen had lots of different species of rodents as pets and harbors no ill will against them generally, but living with rodents loose in the house is just not a healthy or practical situation for several reasons.

150 Years Ago This Week: Lincoln’s preliminary plans for Reconstruction

Lt. Gen. James Longstreet pulled his troops out of the Knoxville area in Tennessee on Friday, Dec. 4, and, on their return to Virginia, got as far as Greenville, where they set up winter quarters.

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