Editorial: Christmas gift to citizens

As regular Rappahannock News readers are aware (painfully or happily as the case may be), the words in this space have frequently been critical of the county’s representative in Congress — Rep. Robert Hurt and, before him, Majority Leader Eric Cantor. So now let me — happily! — praise both politicians.

They voted in favor of the new two-year budget that will keep the government running for the next two years. So We the People will not have to bear witness anytime soon to another government shutdown, partisan bickering and brinkmanship.

It is an especially happy occurrence to be remarked upon in Rep. Hurt’s case, since he, unlike Majority Leader Cantor, had just a little over a month ago refused to vote to end the government shutdown.

The new budget deal had been worked out by Republican Rep. Paul Ryan and Democratic Sen. Patty Murray, respective chairs of the two bodies’ budget committees. Both sides had to compromise; so inevitably ideologues on each side of the partisan divide have thus criticized the deal.

But compromise — forged through working together in a spirit of goodwill toward their fellow men — is necessary in any functioning democracy that doesn’t have one-party rule. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Rather, it is to be applauded.

So Rep. Hurt is to be applauded.

And so his constituents in Rappahannock County can now enjoy a merry Christmas season without bracing themselves for the uncertainty and sad spectacle of yet continued Big Washington dysfunction.

Merry Christmas!

Walter Nicklin