Letter: No one’s ‘mad’ here, thanks to . . .

On behalf of the RAAC Community Theater, I want to thank Roger Piantadosi for the article in last week’s Rapp column about our production of “Alice in Wonderland.” I know that both the cast and backstage crew will be both pleased and proud that the paper gave them such a glowing review.

If I may, I would like to add a few more words of thanks and praise for the parents who devoted so much time and effort to the costumes and makeup of the many kids in the cast, keeping them under control and happy while they were offstage, and generally in raising such wonderful and talented children. We couldn’t have done the show without them.

And while we’re backstage, I want to mention our stage manager Andy Platt, whose herculean efforts were perhaps even more essential to the success of the play. As Roger’s article said, there were plenty of opportunities for disarray — but none of that happened. Thanks mostly to Andy.

Finally, one more word about Carolina Leonard, who became seven-and-a-half-year-old Alice without ever dropping a line and who led us all gently into Wonderland and a wonderful evening of theater. Bravo Carolina!

Thanks to you all!

Peter Hornbostel
Artistic Director
RAAC Community Theater

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