Photo Gallery: Reality show

As part of a community-service project for Rappahannock County High School teacher Beth Gall’s service learning class, student Ashleigh Pullen (in the last photo below, wiping away tears while speaking to a hundred or so of her fellow 10th- through 12th-graders assembled in the RCHS parking lot) organized a mock fatal crash, with help from the sheriff’s office and volunteer first-responders from Washington (where she’s a junior member) and Sperryville (where her assistant Courtney King volunteers with the Sperryville Rescue Squad). WVFR medics transported “victim” Davis Sheffield (shown being cut out of the car by Sperryville firefighters), while Deputy Cody Dodson conducted field sobriety tests and prepared to arrest the “drunk driver,” played by Dustin Wester. The demonstration featured a compelling talk by Sheriff’s Lt. Janie Jenkins, who lost a sister in a drunk-driving-related crash nine years ago, as well as talks by Sheriff Connie C. Smith and narration by RCSO’s Maj. John Arstino. Photos by Roger Piantadosi/Rappahannock News

Roger Piantadosi
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