Courthouse Row for Dec. 26

Home/land transfers

The following home and land transfers were recorded at the Rappahannock County Circuit Court Clerk’s office Nov. 15 through Dec. 5:


Edgar Joseph Orme IV and John Bradford Hitchen to Larry K. Watson Jr. and Jennifer K. Watson, husband and wife, 115.3070 acres, $977,500, general warranty, tax map 40-39C.


T. Allan Comp and Selma Thomas, trustees of the T. Allan Comp and Selma Thomas Revocable Trust, to Boyd Cloern and Dara Alderman, husband and wife, 28.2199 acres, general warranty, $548,000, tax map 48-24.


Scott C. Fouty and Claudia Z. Fouty to Nathan N. McCarry, trustee, and Valerie A. McCarry, trustee of the McCarry Family Trust, 53.3162 acres, $295,000, general warranty, tax map 31-22.

Peter H. Luke and Sharon G. Luke to I. Christopher Parrish, 100.5325 acres more or less, no consideration, exempt from taxation, special warranty, tax map 42-8.

Loretta Eaheart, aka Loretta Eaheart Haynes, to Julie E. Mitchnell, J. Denette E. Foreman and Loretta Eaheart, 11.6677 acres, exempt from recordation taxes, general warranty, tax map 42-18.

Daniel J. Cilberti and Karen A. Cilberti to Daniel J. Cilberti, 4.7931 acres, tax exempt pursuant to Virginia code, general warranty, tax map 31-32.


Martha L. O’Bannon-Hitt, Elizabeth O’Bannon-Scott, John M. O’Bannon III and Robert H. O’Bannon to O’Bannon Properties LLC, Elizabeth O’Bannon-Scott, Martha L. O’Bannon-Hitt, co-trustees of the family trust, exempt from recording taxes, 1.9408 acres, special warranty, tax map 37-28.


Carolyn Sue Miller and James S. Allenchey, husband and wife, to Carolyn Sue Miller and James S. Allenchey, trustees of the Miller and Allenchey family joint declaration trust, 24.2486 acres, no consideration, exempt from recording taxes, special warranty, tax map 15-3C.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Daniel Bystran and Evelyn Bystran, lots 3, 4, block A, $248,000, special warranty, tax map 1D-A-3

Building permits

Jeff and Meggan Abbord, Sperryville, remodel, estimated cost $175,000

Jordan Goldstein, Huntly, remodel, estimated cost $475,000

Eric and Janet Tollefson, Sperryville, demolition of dwelling, estimated cost $10,000

Jeffery Butler, Washington, electric wiring, estimated cost $500

Randolf Foster, Washington, generator, estimated cost $7,000

Jerry and Cindy Hodges, Washington, foundation of dwelling, estimated cost $25,000

Henry B. Wood, Woodville, renovation, estimated cost $61,500

Kim Bealle, Sperryville, rebuild burned dwelling, estimated cost $130,000

Bob Clements, Amissville, deck, estimated cost $7,890

JJM Holdings LLC Meuse, Sperryville, inground pool, estimated cost $50,000

Phyllis Swindler, Sperryville, residential gas heater, estimated cost $1,000

Kramer Building LLC, Washington, install HVAC, estimated cost $7,000

James Vest, Flint Hill, enclose carport, estimated cost $5,000

Caroline Anstey, Washington, change out two showers, estimated cost $800

— compiled by Jan Clatterbuck