Letter: Speaking of service — yours was, and is, appreciated

On Tuesday, Dec. 17, an event took place at Rappahannock County High School that was the end product of Service Learning student Ashleigh Pullen’s community-service project.

Ashleigh has volunteered at Washington Volunteer Fire & Rescue this semester. She wanted to organize a mock crash scene to illustrate for students the consequences of drunk driving. Students in grades 10 through 12 were invited to attend, and she solicited the help of many wonderful first-responders from Washington and Sperryville.

As a teacher, I was so proud of my student who invested many hours to make such an event a success. As a member of this community, I was amazed, but not surprised, at the number of adults who helped support this project. As a parent, I can only hope our students took to heart the scene as well as the emotional message from Sheriff’s Lt. Janie Jenkins. These individuals need to be recognized for what they did to support this project — and for what they do for all of us every day.

Thank you to: Sheriff Connie Smith, Lt. Janie Jenkins, Maj. J. D. Arstino, investigator Shawn Walters and deputies Cody Dodson and Ronnie Dodson from the Sheriff’s Office; to Washington Volunteer Fire & Rescue’s Ann Spieker, Chief Gary Jenkins, Bobby Smoot, Josh Smoot, Amanda Smoot, Charles Ray Crawford, Crystal Weakley and Keith Ward; to Sperryville Volunteer Fire Department’s Chief Richie Burke, Eric Smith, Larry Grove, Seth Wayland, Manny Garcia, Freddie Thompson, Katie Burke and Josh Waddell; and to Sperryville Volunteer Rescue Squad’s Dave Haun and George Swett.

Beth Gall
RCHS Service Learning teacher

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