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What you will find in the Jan. 16 edition:

Five sentenced for drunkenness, driving, drug offenses

The first circuit court session of 2014 was a busy one, as Monday (Jan. 13) saw five people sentenced on a variety of charges, ranging from violating probation to public swearing and intoxication.

Funding down, but no increase in projected school budget

“This is quite a turnout; it must be budget season,” remarked Rappahannock County School Board chairman John Lesinski, as superintendent Donna Matthews presented the board with an “informational” 2014-15 budget at its monthly meeting Tuesday night (Jan. 14).

Legislators revisit mental health services

A proposed joint subcommittee stands at the center of a clearly defined focus on mental health services in Virginia less than two months after tragedy shook the state capital.

Closer look, can of paint on tap for Avon Hall

After spending an hour discussing potential futures for Avon Hall, the Washington town council accepted a contract from Mark Ferris to paint the roof of the town-owned former estate’s main building — pending the council’s approval of the paint, primer and completion time.

The Rapp for Jan. 16

The Christmas tree bonfire is back on, the Theatre hosts an MLK celebration, drum circles begin at Belle Meade, “Mostly Bach and Mendelssohn” returns to the Theatre, RDA hosts its third annual oyster-and-wine fest (and numerous exhibits), Rossman P. Irwin receives the Presidential Early Career Award and more in this week’s Rapp column.

Editorial: Thanks to busted plumbing . . .

The 12th day of Christmas is also referred to as the Day of Epiphany in the Christian calendar. Nowadays, epiphanies refer to any illuminating realization — and this recent Arctic Vortex brought a big one. (And a burst pipe.)

Wild Ideas: Surviving Arctic winters: a caterpillar’s tale

A recent NPR story said the unusually cold winter we’ve been having here in Virginia is likely to damp down populations of invasive exotic insects. While this is likely to be the case, we need to keep in mind that insects are highly adaptable . . . and can be surprisingly hardy.

150 Years Ago This Week: Federal troops protect a U.S. Consul

On Saturday, Jan. 9, President Jefferson Davis warned his military commanders in Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi of reports that Adm. David Farragut was preparing to attack Mobile and attempt to pass Fort Gaines and Fort Jackson at the mouth of Mobile Bay as he had done in New Orleans.

And more . . .

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