Clark Hollow Ramblings: A little jag of wood

I was out at the old home the other day, the spot in the Aileen road we used to call Pullentown. I was cleaning up some downed limbs and trees and looking for a piece or two of dried locust for the wood stove. It got me to thinking that I should Google “jag” and see what I could come up with. We used that term to mean some amount of wood, usually firewood. The expression would go something like this: I cleaned out that old fence row down by the orchard yesterday, and got a pretty good jag of wood to put on the porch. 

Wikipedia let me down. The only jag they know about is the Navy term for Judge Advocate General, or the TV show by the same name. Then I tried the Free Dictionary and at about the 14th definition, there it was: A small load or portion. So, there you have it. Now, I’ll just have to remember to be careful with my modifiers, since it means a “small” load or portion, and not say I got a large jag of something or the other. Anyway, I’m glad we got that straightened out. 

In other news, if you are thinking about buying a wood stove soon, you best get busy with your research and do it. I read the other day that the feds are preparing regulations on wood stoves, to restrict the particulates and gases coming out of your chimney. Isn’t that wonderful?

It won’t be long now, folks, until you go camping with your family and build a campfire to cook your hot dogs, there will be someone watching and measuring the amount and type of smoke coming from your campfire. How did we manage to survive all these years without the feds telling us how it should be done?

In better government news, I see where the board of the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries in Richmond has come out in favor of lifting the statutory restrictions against hunting on Sunday. Yes, friends, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Now, if we can get the Virginia Farm Bureau to get their heads out of the sand, we might just get this thing passed. 

I truly hope the severe cold did not impact you too negatively. Somebody told me they saw a large flock of resident Canadian geese with their bags packed and headed south. Sounds like a good idea to me. Stay warm. If the feds don’t change it, we should be seeing some warmer weather in a month or two.

Richard Brady
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Richard Brady was born and raised within sight of Rappahannock Peak, as was his father, grandfather, great-grandfather, great-great-grandfather, etc. He graduated from George Mason University and was employed for 35 years with various agencies of the federal government. He retired in 2001, and he and his wife, Linda, live in Flint Hill, Va.